Sunday, March 15, 2009

Women and Radio In Pakistan - an overview

July 2003 was an interesting year for Uks with its newly born radio production house. The most noteworthy feature of Uks Radio Project is that an all female team of journalists and broadcasters runs it. In its continued efforts towards rectifying stereotypical and discriminatory societal attitudes through media, radio promised to be a most effective and far-reaching medium in a country with an abysmally low literacy rate and the non-availability of television transmission in remote areas.

Under the supervision of Executive Producer and Director Uks - Ms. Tasneem Ahmar by Dec 2007, Uks Radio Project has produced noteworthy radio programme series including the famous

  • Meri Awaz Suno -( Listen to my voice)

  • GHURBAT, AMN AUR INSAF-EIK TIKON” (the Triangle of Poverty, Peace and Justice)

  • Mujhe Bolney Do’ (Let me Speak) on Violence Against Women

  • Pani ki Kahani, Aurat ki Zubani” (Water and Women Issues)

  • Aid and Us

  • Chalo Phir se Muskoraen (Let’s smile again) sepcial series for the October 8, 2005 Earthquake Disaster

  • Aoo Zaroorat Ki Bateen Karen ( Lets talk about essentials) on nikah nama and divorce

  • Aurat, Ghairat aur Qatl (Women, Honour and Murder) on honour crimes in the country

  • Hamari Taraqi, Hamari Masail ( on going project which will bring the positive images of Pakistani women working for developmental issues. Hamari Taraqi, Hamari Awaz ( on going project which trained new radio producers for producing a series on Democracy, Development and Women)

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