Thursday, April 9, 2009


He speaks!
RJ Asad Zia is one of the latest offering of mast fm 103 lahore station.He is new,but yet destined to rock the city with his voice on sunday morning waves of fm 103 at am 6pm every friday

He , in a short time span, has proved to be a good talent on the radio scene of lahore.

Showbizhungama brings you this week Exclusive Interview of rj Asad Zia for his fans all over:

1) Date of birth n star?
15-4-1983 Aries
2) How did you become an RJ?
On my friends suggestions when ever thy listened me on telephone they always told me you have a great voice and different sense to talk so, just go and join radio so I just dropped my CV over there and joined.
3) What inspired you to take up the job of a radio jockey?
4) Which is the no 1 radio station in town and why in your opinion?
NO one is mast fm 103 because 103 have any thing I mean news fun and a very great way to convey any massage.
5) How would you define the responsibilities of a radio jockey?
Simple don’t take tension and entertain the others this is big and only one responsibility
6) Your favorite anchors radio & TV both in new & old lot?
Always No.1 Moeen qureshi
7) How do you hold the attention of your listeners?
Very simple just say some thing different.
8) Do you enjoy the element of anonymity while RJing??
9) ? Do you do some voice exercises or is it purely instinctive?
10) So what is it that carries you??
11) Being a creative skill, radio jockeying calls for regular innovation in
order to avoid monotony. How do you go about it?
Very simple you should be sharp and smart and keep on changing in your show according to the listeners mind.
12) What is the mantra for a successful radio jockey?
Keep on changing
13) Your favorite movie actors/actresses?
Dil waly dulhaniyan ly gayeen gy/ favorite actor Aamir khan and actress Rani.
14) Ur all time favorite song?
Pehla nasha pehla khumar.
15) How do you update yourself to carry out your day-to-day job?
Don’t keep tension and enjoy any circumstances.
16) Ur best friend in life?
17) Three things u never forget to take with u while going out?
Be friend of your GOD. Keep smiling and enjoy any circumstances
18) Ur passions in life?
i just want to see all persons to be a friend of GOD
19) Which is that one personality without whom u can’t live?
Company of my ALLAH
20) Which TV shows u enjoy watching?
10 ka dam.
21) Ur all time fav movie?
Dil waly dulhanyan ly jayee gay.
22) the best compliment you have ever received?
Yes when my dad said that you are the best.
23) Define Ur self in THREE words
Smart intelligent and strong
24) what is the best thing about being famous?
Be simple
25) Any message for Ur fans/listeners?
Be a friend of your GOD
26) What’s Ur opinion about
Its really nice.
27) Ur education?
28) what is your idea of a perfect day ?
Enjoy any circumstances.
29) When u meet someone for the first time which thing u observe the most?
His or her manners.
30) Ur favorite perfume?
D.J blue
31) What is your strongest point and weakest point?
Strongest point is I am a friend of my GOD, and weakest point is I am little bit lazy
32) what is the cutest thing about u?
My laughter.
33) Do you read?? What kind of books do you like?
Yes I like to read and QURAN is my favorite book because nothing is lie in it
34) Whom do u love most in world........... beside Ur mom and dad
Any person who can love me.
35-Whom do u attribute ur success to ?
Mr-jamel fakhri the great actor.
36-love for u is …?
37-three people you really admire are..?
Alama iqbal, shaik sadi and qauid_e-Azam
38-What are the plans you have in mind for future
I don’t think about future because GOD is my friend and HE thinks I just think about my present.
39-ur craziest fan?
Hmm Dificult Question but Every one know my Craziest Fan is none other than All Captain Group Especially Captain Zohaib,ishfaq,And maya thay never miss my show they never miss to make me calls and msgs in show infact they have all my reocrding.pic.all things
40- You deal with the public directly. There must be various experiences you
have had while talking to callers. Can you share some of the more unusual ones?
Yet nothing.
41-r u married....?
42-most awkward place u slept at?
Awkward place has not been made for sleep so I din’t
43-who is Ur Ideal?
ALLAH is my ideal
44-You Follow your Head or Mind
45-fav Poet?
46-Your Favourite Dish?
Chiken Biriyani
47-Who among the radio jocks do you admire the most?
Me Asad And Enterainer Asad ZIa Magar Style se
48-what is your greatest fear?
to hurt Any one its Greatest Fear For me
49-When did you start ur career?
50-Ur favorite song?
This is A new upcoming singer Song "Dil ka Dia"by Omer Nadeem
51=Starting words of ur show?
Alsalam,-o-alikum to all listner this is my ur one and only mast mast Rj Asad zia with Mast Fm 103
52=Ending words of ur show?
ok Dear listner till then we Not Meet Again From My Side No bye bye No Tata only ALLAH HAFIZ
53=Any message for Ur fans/listeners?
I appreciate their support for me.Espcially Captain Group
54What's Ur opinion about
its really Good for information of any fan personaly i really like it

rj asad zia

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